Some Personal Details About Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells provides personal care under “Jim Robert Eells MD LTD.”This doctor is working as a medical practitioner in Las Vegas. He was actually an excellent one in terms of healthcare.Dr. Eells attended School of Medicine in Nevada University and completed his course.Dr. Jim is actually a popular doctor in Nevada who was “American Board of Internal Medicine” board certified in year 1989. Visit us here: 

Dr. Eells have actually received his certificate of completion for his internship at the “University Medical Center”. This paved the way for him to conquer the medical field.He got his diploma at the “University of Nevada” for his degree in “Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry”. The degree led him to practice medicine today.

He was professionally licensed to practice medicine since 1990 here in Nevada.In 2009, he was actually named as the Top Physician in America by the “Research Council of America”.His practice is in fact unique from other major care practices since it mainly revolves around the patient entirely.

Dr. Eells handles his patients with ultimate care for better results. He is committed to helping people in the best way possible.He stays professional and expert in handling client needs so that he can improve his skills every now and then. This is how he works in the medical field.He offers complete personal attention that people needs.This popular doctor is actually offering ultimate personal care without having to spend too much. He delivers well when a patient needs his medical services.

Dr. Jim Eells

This doctor allows his patient to personally interact with him for greater results.This doctor is an expert when it comes to helping people to manage aging, prevent health problems, and achieve healthier lifestyle. Through his expertise, people enjoy better ways to become healthier.Dr. Eells specializations involve reasonable concierge medicine, anti-aging solutions, and pre-emptive healthcare.

Up to date, Dr. Eells is the president at “Dr. Jim Robert Eells Personal Care” since November 2006.He is also the acting president of “Jim Robert Eells MD LTD” since January 1992.He provides exceptional healthcare services with main focus on the patient.
In fact, he simply believes that good health can be achieved by being proactive.His personal care services help people to enjoy healthier and happier life with better lifestyle. He targets healthy physique with total enjoyment.He will keep individuals in Nevada healthier while enjoying fuller life.

The target is to help patients to attain utmost health along with proper lifestyle.He speaks in English fluently and is a native in Spanish language.The popular physician is also active in engaging with numerous associations like “Linked Las Vegas” and other groups. Dr. Eells continuously strive to perform better in order to help more people in Las Vegas Nevada.